Agnes Lum, the Original Gravure Model


In Japan, there’s a category of celebrities called gravure idols. The closest Western equivalent would be a swimsuit model, or someone who poses in sexy photographs without exposing her privates or doing anything pornographic. Many believe that Agnes Lum, a 1970s import from Hawaii, was the first gravure model ever. She came to Japan to become a talento, or celebrity, but rather than focusing on singing and acting, she made a living by posing in sexy shots caressing a surfboard or just laying out by a beautiful beach. Her seductive eyes, tanned skin, and luscious breasts made her instant obsession fodder. She had a couple of hit singles, and also appeared in a couple of commercials, including one for a Daihatsu minivan with her two kids.

Check out a fan-made photo montage set to her singing a cutsey Japanese song after the jump.

3 thoughts on “Agnes Lum, the Original Gravure Model

  1. Rumiko Takahashi said that Agnes Lum was her inspiration for Lum in Urusei Yatsura. After seeing the above pic, I must see where it fits!

  2. I vote for more in-depth blogging on the whole gravure idol phenomenom and also more gratuitous use of the words “lucious breasts”. 😉