75-Year Old Skier Climbs Mt. Everest


On Monday, 75-year old Yuichiro Miura became the second oldest person in the world to climb Mt. Everest. A professional skier and recent survivor of two heart operations, Miura reached the summit at 7:33am, just hours after a 76-year old Nepalese climber arrived there to claim the oldest person title. Miura has had a lifetime of heart problems—he has had an atrial fibrillation since he was a kid. But with serious training (he had a gym set up at home with oxygen levels simulating the summit), he accomplished his feat without any problems.

Miura climbed Everest with his doctor, his 38-year old son Gota, and a photograph of his deceased father, Keizo, who was skiing in France until the age of 99 (he died at 101). Rumor is that the son, who had been harping his dad about the dangers of doing this at such an old age, was the one who had difficulties breathing on his way up.


3 thoughts on “75-Year Old Skier Climbs Mt. Everest

  1. i hope i’m in that good of shape when I’m in my eighties. Too bad someone one year older than him beat him only a few hours before 🙂