Where’s Lisa? I’m in São Paulo Looking for Lovefoxxx


Yep, I’m off to São Paulo for a week—and hopefully taking a side trip to Rio and some jungly rain forests. Look! São Paulo kinda looks like Tokyo. Did you know it also has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan? There are about 1.5 million Japanese immigrants and descendants living in Brazil—more than in the US. And some of them are hot and talented! My two favorite Japanese-Brazilians are supermodel Juliana Imai and Lovefoxxx of CSS. CSS is a kickass indie-electro girl band from Sao Paolo that I’ve seen in concert a couple times in San Francisco. Pics after the jump.


That’s Lovefoxxx on the left, and Juliana on the right. I think the verdict is clear—Japanese blood gets hotter and sexier when it migrates to South America. P.S. The only thing I know how to say in Portugese is “tired of being sexy.”

I’ll try to post while I’m there, but no promises—just keep checking back and don’t forget to click on those Google ads to your right.

5 thoughts on “Where’s Lisa? I’m in São Paulo Looking for Lovefoxxx

  1. hhahah… cool Lisa. When I read “sao paolo” I knew that was here. 😛 But in Portuguese is “São Paulo”.

  2. Hey! Welcome to São Paulo 🙂
    Don’t forget to visit Liberdade, the metro and Ibirapuera’s Park!