Taichi Saotome = The Most Beautiful Man in Japan


Taichi Saotome may be the most beautiful man in Japan. The 17-year old actor is a famous onnagata, or female impersonator who has starred in everything from jidaigeki (period plays) to Zatoichi movies. His new play, Sennen no Inori (The One Thousand Year Prayer), debuts on July 23rd in Tokyo and August 4 in Nagoya. It already has rave reviews, mostly by women, who claim they were more moved by his feminine performance than anything else in the whole world.

Saotome was destined to be a superstar. His father is the head of a famous theater troupe, and Beat Takeshi had eyed him as promising talent since he was a wee elementary school kid.

Keep reading for a sneak preview of his stellar performance in Sennen no Inori.

While Saotome does make a pretty hot female, he claims he wants to do more male roles in the future.
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One thought on “Taichi Saotome = The Most Beautiful Man in Japan

  1. Holy krap this kid was great on the Zatoichi movie that Takeshi Kitano did. When they do that flash back scene and the kid is dancing, I was like WTF, damn that took training. Sure scenes are short in movies to keep the illusion, but you can see the skill.
    I’ve seen all the Zatoichi movies (many times), even all the TV episodes and I liked this movie too. It stands on it’s own and is worth a rental.