Announcing Death Note Contest Winners


Thanks everyone for entering the free movie ticket contest for Death Note! I’ve picked two winners based on how much I laughed—not freaked out—when I read about how you would use the killer notebook if it fell in your hands.

Linda said:

If the Death Note
fell into my hands, I would use it to plot world domination,
starting by assassinating of the Prime Minister of Malaysia in which
all proceeds and child labor workers will be donated to the Derek
Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good. Yay for charity!

Or I would give it to Viz Pictures in exchange for a housekeeper.

Keep reading for the other winning entry…

Matthew said:
After I touched it and my new best friend reaper explains the
notebook to me, I would probably use it a couple times to see what
would happen… 
It would be hard to believe a reaper at his word so you have to
test it out, but I wouldn’t use it to the extent that Light does
(wouldn’t want a candy snarfing kid to figure out my patterns…) and
would use it on 2 people at first.  First one would be the guy who
killed a girlfriend back when I was in college and who got out of any
sentencing due to an error in the investigation.  The second person
would be someone that is looking for euthanasia due to a medical
condition that can’t be fixed and causes severe pain.  After a friend
went through that for almost 8 months, I can’t imagine forcing someone
to live in severe pain while they wait to die from an incurable
After that I would wait and think.  I definitely wouldn’t go for
the reaper’s eyes, but would stock up on apples (assuming my reaper
also likes ’em) while I waited. 
It would be tempting to try and profit from it.  For example, you
could bet on the severe underdog in a boxing match, take out a loan,
lump it with your life savings, and bet on the guy that you know would
win, but that seems a bit harsh to have the loser die from a
knockout/broken neck… unless there are some evil boxers out there.
I still need to think this out, but I really would like to quit this
job 🙂
I’m all about helping people quit a shitty job! Your tix will be sent out today so you should get them before screening day.

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