10 Reasons Why Japanese People Should Emigrate to Brazil

I’m back home after a week in South America. What did I think? I think all Japanese should become Japanese-Brazilians. Here are 10 reasons why (in no particular order):


1. The sunset in Rio kicks the sunset in Tokyo’s ass.


2. Brazil has some of the coolest night clubs in the world. This
one, called Rio Scenarium, is a giant three-story building on the
oldest residential street in Rio. It’s filled with antiques, giant
comfy couches, live music, and porcelain dolls.

3. Because Brazilian-Japanese people are on average taller, fitter, and better-looking than their counterparts in the homeland.


4. To find Jesus. Look, he’s on top of a giant rock!


5. Agua de coco


6. The food! This delicious fish and scallop dish was eaten at a restaurant called Chakra in Sao Paulo. Super fancy.


7. The music. This is a band called Enemies of HP, a geek samba band formed by a bunch of ex-engineers who named their band after their collective loathing of an HP calculator.


8. In Brazil, you can fulfill your lifelong dream of becoming a helicopter.


9. You can bond with monkeys!


10. Beach volleyball all day,every day!

Read more about the Japanese community in Brazil here.

8 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Japanese People Should Emigrate to Brazil

  1. i would love to move to Brazil one day! That night club looks amazing and the sun set is beautiful. Well, I do miss Japan though. American born Japanese! Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures though(:

  2. You’re right on with this post. I love Brazil and also just got back from a trip there. To your list, I would add: all the tropical fruits (especially acai with granola), cachaca and capirinhas, wearing flip flops everywhere, speaking Portuguese, everybody’s general friendliness, and a lot more. These would apply to everyone, not just Japanese (but then again, so would your reasons).