Mangobot: Japan Gears Up to Become A Full-On Robot Nation


On this week’s Mangobot, I have a story about Japan’s national plan to become a robot nation by 2010:

If you’ve noticed an unusually large number of utilitarian humanoids
hailing from Japan in the last few years, then you probably won’t be
surprised to hear about the country’s official robot initiative. Right
now, Japan is in the midst of executing a grand plan to make robots an
integrated part of everyday life. To compensate for the shortage of
young workers willing to do menial tasks, the Japan Robot Association,
the government, and several technology institutions drafted a formal
plan to create a society in which robots live side by side with humans
by the year 2010. Since 2010 is just a couple years away, I called up a
roboticist at the forefront of this movement to find out how it’s going.

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2 thoughts on “Mangobot: Japan Gears Up to Become A Full-On Robot Nation

  1. Just a word of caution:
    Limit the AI of robots… you wouldnt want an “I Robot”/ “Terminator” problem. Especially if you plan to make a robot nation.