Crocs Blamed for Escalator Accidents

20080418p2a00m0na022000p_size5Crocs + escalators = bad news.

Reports of over sixty instances of feet getting stuck on escalator grids since last summer led to an investigation into the safety of Crocs on escalators. Crocs are made of resin; they’re soft, stretchy, and not very slippery on non-lubricated surfaces, like many escalators. And they’re still relatively popular in Japan. One five year old girl broke her toe trying to get off of one when her foot got stuck in the side of it. Ouch.


3 thoughts on “Crocs Blamed for Escalator Accidents

  1. I’ve heard from many podiatrists that Crocs can be worse for our feet than heels. They don’t support the feet at all. They are way too soft, much like walking on foam with your bare feet. You can twist your ankles easily. Besides, they look ridiculous. More importantly, the wearers constantly criticize other people’s footwear like they just join some cult. (like mac users lashing on pc users) Very annoying.
    On the other hand, I also remember a lot of platform shoes DEATH in the mid-90’s. I saw a shop girl in Shibuya with 10-12″ platform shoes! (circus or boutique?)

  2. I have a pair, yes, they’re quite fugly, but they’re also very comfy. 🙂 Actually, most people I know that have them are very aware of how goofy they look. Kids should definitely be more careful in them (read: parents need to pay better attention – and no, my son does not have a pair)
    now, to buy my orange pair soon… haha