Toilet Paper Used for Advertising

20080322p2a00m0na001000p_size5 Public bathrooms are disgusting, especially when people sprinkle on the seat or smear on the bowl. That’s why hot spring resorts in Ikaho, Gunma Prefecture are advertising the benefits of clean toilets on toilet paper. Here’s what the Japan Toilet Association has to say about it:

We want people to keep toilets clean, as well as their bottoms.

The revenues from the toilet paper ads will help pay for the upkeep of public bathrooms.

Printed toilet paper has been around in Japan for at least 20 years. We used to have educational ones as a kid. My friend Kayoko had one that would change color and tell you how healthy your urine was. I used to get a kick out of one that had pictures and kanji on it to teach you new words—one of the words was "yushi"—warrior—which also happens to be my brother’s first name. It was funny to see his name on toilet paper.

Click here for more examples of printed toilet paper.

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