Oral Grip Machine Will Make You Smile Better


I know this looks like grandma’s dentures, but it’s actually a grip machine for your mouth. The makers of this product claim that, by exercising your mouth muscles with this thing 4 times a day for 3 minutes at a time, you can work your way towards a more beautiful smile. It comes in three colors and resistances: normal (for men), soft (for women), and rehabilitation (for seniors and children). It’s called Yumi, and it costs $50. Can also be used in conjunction with the rubber smile gadget.

Product page via Impress Watch (Japanese)

One thought on “Oral Grip Machine Will Make You Smile Better

  1. Japanese Oral Grip Machine Tortures, Improves Smiles

    The Japanese are not unfamiliar with using gadgets to improve their appearance, but this Oral Grip Machine just looks and sounds too painful to be used while not inundated with sake. It’s a couple pieces of plastic you shove in…