Contest: Win a Watch From the Future by Answering One Question…


If you know anything about cool Japanese watches, then you’ve probably visited, home of futuristic wrist accessories that look like they could do a gazillion things that watches aren’t really supposed to do. So here’s my proposal:

You tell me what you think any one of the Tokyoflash watches would be able to do in an alternate universe, and the people with the three best answers will get a free Tokyoflash watch!

For example, I’m pretty sure the Shinshoku (shown above) can double as a Chinese Checkers board. And one of those has to be an alien ship. Winners will be picked by a contest crew in Tokyo a week from now. You can submit your responses to

13 thoughts on “Contest: Win a Watch From the Future by Answering One Question…

  1. The Kyokusen will monitor the power output of my Gundam, Urawaza. It will be able to tell me just how sneaky and short-cutty I am being such that I will be invincible. Of course it will have the standard telephone, satellite uplink to my Gundam’s computer but mainly it will measure how awesome I am.

  2. Kyokusen may call kit from knight rider, while it tells me how many enemies I have nearby, AND it makes sure my hair is looking perfect.

  3. Shinshoku will monitor my level of Chakra to tell me when I need to rest. It will allow me to speak/translate to any creature/human in the world. Detect any spy devices hidden around me. It would turn itself in a compass to my destination. And would detect all Ninjas within 100 yards, good and bad. And of course will show where all the good delicious food is mmmmmm drule!

  4. Well first of all its going to morph me into a power ranger 😉
    Then… it’s going to let me communicate with Zordon.
    Lastly, it’ll let me call my trusty zoid.
    Oh happy primary school days *sigh.

  5. The Q version will open from its center and contain all your life prolonging pills.
    Tokyo Flash — so you life don’t end in one.

  6. This is kind of far fetched, but in an alternate universe you could possibly, you know, actually see the time from these watches.

  7. The C version Gunmetal is also known as the Knight Industries Ten Thousand (a far relative of the Knight Industries Two Thousand). It’s an entire car, compacted into a wristwatch! Just like the original KITT, this watch will protect it’s owner at all cost. It is clear though, that this is a much more advanced version; it has THREE scan bars, while the original KITT had to manage with only one! 🙂
    I can’t wait to see what kind of top secret gadgets are hidden in it! (Hmm… I wonder what happens when you enable ‘pursuit mode’ on a watch…)

  8. P1 Pusher
    I think this model, in an alternate universe, would serve as the apparatus used to activate the global teleportation network. The different dots and levels indicate the percentage of mass “quantified and processed” by an orbital traffic station, and if destination coordinates have been accepted. Once all bars are full, it sends a signal to a nearby satellite that relays the request and shortly after triggers a dimensional cube that teleports the person anywhere inside any chosen area registered in the traffic station, as long as it is safe. After the process is finished , the dots go grey.

    Kyokusen measures the level of alcohol in your body (Empty? Quick refill!)
    P1 Pusher is a portable Lite Brite
    Shinshoku is a portable blow-drier and it doubles as a pasta drainer
    Geomesh is a portable sun tan device, since the sun exploded in this new universe.
    And of course…since we are all robots in a portable age, Q Version serves as an extra portable…robot bunhole…easier to clean than organic ones.

  10. In an alternate universe, The Kyokusen is able to gauge the toxicity levels of different natto brands and give me a detailed forecast on my ability to fake a, “mm delicious!” smile to my Japanese aunt.