My Tetris Brain: Feature on io9

Lisaplaystetris_2Did I ever tell you guys how I was a total Tetris addict as a child? I wrote a feature about it for io9:

At a young age, my brain was hijacked by the game of Tetris. Now it
helps me navigate through life. When I was in the sixth grade, my
friend Chiyo and I used to play this addictive puzzle game–developed
in 1985 by a Russian engineer–for
hours on end with a single 100 yen coin at an arcade in Tokyo. We
probably should have been doing homework or at least pretending to, but
instead, there we were, every day after school, sitting side by side
executing crazy maneuvers with our joysticks. The mantras that I
repeated in my head while playing the game at max speed as a pre-teen
are totally in sync with some basic tenets of Asian philosophy.

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