Inside the Bizarre World of Japanese Pick-Up Schools (Story on Wired)

Pick_up_school_500px Last spring, I met Satoshi Fujita, one of the most famous pick-up artists in Japan. My brother came along, and we sat down at a coffee shop with four of his students for two hours, listening to the men talk about their extremely manipulative and effective techniques for NANPA—the Japanese art of picking up girls. It was the most entertaining reporting I’d done in a long time.

The story I wrote about it—along with a beautiful photo gallery of all the master and his horny disciples—is featured on today:

Satoshi Fujita is not a good-looking man. He has oily skin, beady
eyes, short legs and a boy-band wig to cover his balding head. But that
hasn’t stopped him from becoming Japan’s most sought-after dating coach
for geeks.

Fujita’s Pickup School for Men Who Can’t Get Any
teaches geeky, insecure men of all ages how to gain confidence, score
dates and get laid — all based, he says, on a proprietary "science" he
discovered after a decade of careful research.

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6 thoughts on “Inside the Bizarre World of Japanese Pick-Up Schools (Story on Wired)

  1. Ha I imagine if you NANPA all day long you will be successful eventually. After all, after hitting on 1000 women you will hit one who really just wants to get laid. I am not sure I would call that a “successful relationship” as the man in the article implied.

  2. The Wired article is really entertaining. I love the photo gallery too. I wonder if the fame from the article will help or hinder the guys.

  3. I’ve always found I have no choice in the matter of which woman I like. When a woman likes me, she drops hints and I take it from there. That’s as close as I’ll ever get to figuring women out. 🙂
    Anyways, eye contact and flirting is fun. Add a smile and that might start a conversation.

  4. Hello Lisa, I live in Tokyo and would like to talk to you about this article as it relates to some activities here.
    How might I contact you?