I Met Cornelius! (And Video Commentary on MangoBot)


One of the coolest things about being in Tokyo this time around was that I got to meet Cornelius. I think if I had to choose one musician to represent Japan in the summer Olympics or something, I’d pick him. Or the Southern All Stars.

We met at his studio in Nakameguro and hung out for a bit, and watched mash-up videos people made with his music.

He also gave me live commentary of his Fit Song video, which I put up on my io9 column today.
See it here!

Oh! And I decided to call my io9 column Mangobot

2 thoughts on “I Met Cornelius! (And Video Commentary on MangoBot)

  1. Wow Lisa congratulations! I love Cornelius, I have for a long time, hopefully he will decide to tour sometime in America and come to Dallas! Hopefully he knows he has some fans here. I also love his wife Takako Minekawa’s music. The are such a talented couple. I am jealous. His music is among that which I took with me to listen to my dream speakers at the store (b&w 800d: http://www.hometheaterstore.com/B_W_800D_3_Way_Vented_Box_System_p/800d.htm ) and it sounded out of this world ::sigh::

  2. Crazy stuff! I love Cornelius’s work, although I haven’t heard as much as I’d like. The Fit Song video rocks my socks off, cheers for the interview link.