Garlic Chocolate For Stinky V-Day Lovers

20080209p2a00m0na021000p_size5 Garlic chocolate is the newest thing this Valentine’s Day. A company in Aomori is selling a little chocolate that’s made of local fermented black garlic and cocoa powder. Word is that it tastes kinda like prunes. A box of 3 is 600 yen.

Little towns in Japan often make mashup versions of their local specialty food to promote their region. Takko—the town in Aomori that makes garlic chocolate—is one of the top garlic regions in the country, so this is probably a similar experiment.


3 thoughts on “Garlic Chocolate For Stinky V-Day Lovers

  1. I’d give it a shot. I just got back from another trip to Japan and picked up chocolates at Loft filled with umeshu (plum wine) cream. Something like 1.8% alcohol or something. It’s really tasty! Though I admit, I like the one filled with shochu better.
    Felt odd buying it though since it was out for Valentines and only girls buy chocolates for guys there…I wanted to tell the girl at the checkout that I wasn’t some loser buying it for himself because no girl will buy it for me…even though in this case it was probably true… (T^T)