Tezuka’s Phoenix Manga Now Available on DS

HinotorilogoI’ve always wanted to read Osamu Tezuka’s classic manga anthology, Phoenix, but it goes for volumes and volumes and would take up too much room in my bag. Well, now, a company called Compile Heart has collaborated with Tezuka Productions and Nintendo to create a DS software that includes the graphic novel in its entirety. It’s in Japanese, of course, but what a genius idea to put novels on a DS cartridge, right?

If you prefer the English version in print, it’s been published by Viz Media.


2 thoughts on “Tezuka’s Phoenix Manga Now Available on DS

  1. But DS’s screens are tiny…
    Not only are there many volumes, they are extra large letter size and extra thick! One book of Phoenix is like the size of 4 regular manga combined.
    You should definitely check out the anime. It was released on DVD last year. Pretty amazing.