Subway Hand Rings for Non-Gropers


I’m one of the few girls I know who grew up in Japan and was never groped by some shameless pervert on the subway (I have a mean glare). You hear about it, you read about it, and it really is that common. Well, now, a mail order catalog is selling these subway rings to men who don’t to be mistaken for a pervert. On super crowded trains, standing commuters quickly run out of stationary rings to hold on to, and have nowhere to put their hands. That’s probably what inspired gropers to fondle in the first place, but it’s also a looming dilemma for non-perverts as to where they can put their hands in order not to be mistaken for one.

This unique product, which sold out immediately, promises to solve that dilemma. I think. I mean, I guess if you were a conniving fondler you could always use the ring to do something totally inappropriate.

via Pink Tentacle

4 thoughts on “Subway Hand Rings for Non-Gropers

  1. You must have one mean stare, Ilived with a host family for 5 months (catching manin densha for about 4 months of that time) and gained 1 grope and a semi-stalker … o.O
    The groper was pretty tricky though… Thought I felt something that didnt feel right, thought it was his bag till I looked behind me and his suitcase was at my knee height (being winter I was wearing a coat too so I doubt he felt much). As for stalker he never touched, just would find where I was on the train and stand right in front of me, I thought it a fluke the first few times until I turned on the side and he was facing the doors as they shut but once they shut he turned to face me yet again …
    I really doubt these straps would do anything though, on a manin densha theres not a lot of room any which direction 😉