Infusion Technology Used to Create Strawberries That Taste Like Chocolate


These aren’t just ordinary strawberries. They’re actually composites of chocolate and berries created by an infusion technology, adapted for produce by a company called FCOM by freeze-drying the fruit, removing water components, and then sinking chocolate in between its fibers. It’s a technique commonly used in industrial manufacturing for fusing metals. The strawberries are just for fun, but the company’s hoping to apply the same strategies to create vitamin-infused fruits and mineral-infused rice for youngsters and elderlies reluctant to get their nutrition otherwise.


One thought on “Infusion Technology Used to Create Strawberries That Taste Like Chocolate

  1. Strawberries That Taste Like Chocolate

    In the future, no natural food will taste as you remember it now. Because face it: fruits and vegetables are great. But if turnips tasted like Doritos, America wouldn’t be so fat that our continent occasionally dips into the ocean,…

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