Former PM Abe: Resigned Because of Diarrhea?

Aleqm5gq7_nxwuz_cz3mqftovpmlnbjtwgIt’s official—former prime minister Shinzo Abe told the press that the main reason he resigned from his post last last year was because he had really bad diarrhea.

Abe has a condition called ulcerative colitis. It actually sounds really awful and painful—he’s had it since the age of 17. Diplomatic trips to India, Malaysia, and Indonesia only worsened the condition, causing frequent urination and painful bleeding. Here it is in his own words:

To mention an indelicate matter, I rushed to the lavatory after
having keen abdominal pains and saw the basin all red with tremendous
bleeding. Bleeding causes slight anemia. More than
anything else, though, you feel depressed as you see fresh blood every
time you go to the toilet.

You can never get a good night’s sleep as you shuttle between the bed and toilet.

need to go to the toilet many times a day hampers election and other
political activities very much.

ulcerative colitis worsens, I would need to go to the lavatory 30 times
a day. It would be absolutely impossible to perform the heavy duties of
prime minister.

His last straw was when he couldn’t remember the lines of his parliament speech in September.


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