Quiz: Which Japanese Superhero Team Is This?


Which team of Japanese superheroes is this?

I actually forgot, but I’ll send out a prize to whoever figures it out and proves it to me first. Remember—this is kind of a trick question because there was a different team of multicolored superheroes every year for several decades.

7 thoughts on “Quiz: Which Japanese Superhero Team Is This?

  1. I do believe that those are the unstoppable “Go Rangers” – at least that’s what they called them when we watched them on TV here in Hawaii

  2. Er, its actually Go Ranger. no ‘s’ at the end. Couldn’t edit my post. But close enough, unless your doing a google search maybe.

  3. when i was a kid back home, the show was called star rangers. funny thing i did back then was to used my mom’s red make-up compact as my mask and pretend i was star 1. funnier still was when i fell down a 8 ft. ledge because i couldn’t see a fucking thing.