Art Exhibit Features RFID Math Problems


There’s an awesome exhibit right now at the Mori Art Museum titled "Roppongi Crossing 2007: Future Beats in Japanese Art." It introduces some of the most important classic futurist artists from Japan as well as up-and-coming ones.

Pictured here is Math Gates. Designed by two professors—one math prof from Kyoto University and one new media expert from Tokyo National University—it’s an interactive installation in which visitors carry RFID cards with math problems on them. The goal is to reach a pre-determined number—kinda like in the license plate number game. The idea behind it is to gain a better understanding of a computer’s logic circuits. After all, humans aren’t that different from machines, and machines are made by humans.

The exhibit runs through Jan 14, 2008.

Roppongi Crossing (Exhibit main page)

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