Rice and Miso Soup Bra


Triumph is known for its provocative lingerie, but this is definitely above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Rice and miso soup, with collapsible chopsticks in the side wire! Amazing(ly silly). Here’s a video explaining more if you wanna know.


Link (Thanks, Vagrant!)

3 thoughts on “Rice and Miso Soup Bra

  1. I just saw it on the news. Very silly indeed.
    But It’s to raise awareness of all the disposable wooden chopsticks that are wasted. Nothing raise awareness more efficiently than boobs!

  2. The euphemisms/jokes are endless!
    Still, that’s a lot of chopsticks and a novel way to inspire awareness. I’d suggest using bamboo and don’t forget to seperate your garbage, or nosey neighboor next door will give you the eye. 🙂
    Pssst – use the yellow bags to hide your shame and say it’s to keep the crows out!