Love Hotels Go Public

When you think of wise investments, you probably don’t think of shady hotels where illegitimate couples  go to have sex. Reuters is reporting otherwise. Japan Leisure Hotels, a company that owns five love hotels across the country, is going public. Its current holdings are worth $43.68 million—it plans to expand post-IPO by luring in European investors and expanding its business 14 fold, adding about 1000 for-sex-only rooms in the next two years.

Besides the fact that love hotels are kind of gross, one has to admit that it’s a thriving business. Have you ever walked around Shibuya’s 100 Hotel City after 1am? It’s real busy, and there are a lot more neon "Full" signs than "Vacancy" signs.

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2 thoughts on “Love Hotels Go Public

  1. Say what you will, but I LOVE Love Hotels. Alice and I always try one when we’re in Tokyo. The theming, the elaborate Toto toilets, the bizarre softcore porn on the TV (why not hardcore?) the whole *experience* — it’s brilliant.
    As a visitor to Tokyo, I often find that by 3PM I’m awfully pooped and ready to collapse. Nothing better for it, really, than an hour in a Love Hotel, enjoying the amenities and one another, then maybe a 30-minute foot massage at a Shiatsu place, at which point I’m ready to climb Tokyo Tower.

  2. Here in Brazil, love hotels are completly common stuff. Every city has several “motels” where couples (illegitimate or legitimate) can go and have fun.