Guess Which Person is not Japanese


One person in this photo is not Japanese. Can you guess which one? Bonus points if you can figure out his ethnicity.

14 thoughts on “Guess Which Person is not Japanese

  1. I want to say the guy with the orange bag might be Taiwanese, but the guy in the white shirt facing away from the camera might be Hispanic. Hmm…I’m going with the guy in the white shirt.
    There’s a web page somewhere that has people guess nationalities.

  2. Yup, I’m going to agree with Billy Blanks. Although the pics resolution is pretty bad, the guy with the orange bag looks super Korean (but what do I know?).
    Hmmm, maybe he’s Korean-AMERICAN! AH-HA!
    I used my Mac to ZOOM (awesome) into the pic a little more and it doesn’t seem like there’s a black guy behind the girl on the left, just the back of another girl’s head. Although it looks pretty deceiving from a regular view, I’m going to rule that one out.
    The dark-skinned guy, a Filipino? No way. His nose looks too Japanese. Maybe Okinawan? I don’t know, but I’m still thinking he’s Japanese nonetheless. Apologies if Okinawans get offended if they’re called “Japanese” and not “Okinawan”.
    DISCLAIMER: Yes, I’m probably stereotyping and under normal circumstances it’s probably wrong… but I’m doing it in the spirit of this post so please don’t hate me! Of course there isn’t any ONE way any particular race looks and of course we all know looks can be deceiving. I write this because a close friend of mine is constantly mistaken for being Japanese and gets mad when people tell her she, “doesn’t look very Korean”. 0:)
    I wanna know already… TELL US LISA!

  3. I think Lisa is playing a trick on us. ニューハーフ
    I can’t tell the ethnicity, but I wondered about it after I made my previous post.