Chipuya Town: Cutsey Virtual World On Your Cell Phone


This fall, cuteness comes to your cell phone screens with customizable avatars hanging out in a virtual world of games and shopping, all available for free download. I wrote a short Japanese School Girl Watch story about it in Wired’s December issue.

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One thought on “Chipuya Town: Cutsey Virtual World On Your Cell Phone

  1. I think there’s some mind control thing happening with women and Shibuya. Look into a woman’s eyes when she starts talking about shopping in Shibuya and see the wheels turning as her eyes get bigger. I don’t think it’s what she buys, as much as she’s just there, or with her friends shopping, for shopping sake.
    I have gadget issues, so I’m not one to talk. 🙂
    Anyways, if you’re pulled down there by your girl, there are some interesting/trendy stores in Shibuya 109 for men on the 5F & 6F. That is, if you’re able to break away.