Answer to the “Guess Which Person is Not Japanese” Quiz


Thanks to everyone who submitted responses to my "Guess Which Person Is Not Japanese" quiz! The right answer is: The guy with the orange bag, my friend James Lee. He’s the Korean-American guy featured in my balloon room video.

A bunch of you mentioned that there was a black guy on the staircase. I don’t see him (some of you also mentioned that the resolution was low, but hey—that just made the challenge a little harder, right?), but if he is there, then you are presumably right, too. Yaaay!

3 thoughts on “Answer to the “Guess Which Person is Not Japanese” Quiz

  1. I could use a shirt like that next time I’m in Roppongi. (Next week)
    meh…I was way off on my guess. Congrat’s to the person that did guess Korean.

  2. Yesss (Napoleon Dynamite style)!
    I guessed Korean-AMERICAN… does it still count despite the CAPS?
    That was fun, you should do more stuff like this Lisa!

  3. I finally came out of lurking because of this post, and registered. I had guessed “that dude looks korean, but carries himself like an american” But of course nobody is going to believe me. So I registered for the next time! heh