New Atmospheric Cleaning Device “Washes” Air


This is the antibac2K. It’s a compact, lightweight air cleaning system that looks like a spherical alien ship. When you plug it in and switch it on, the blue and green LED lights illuminate and the thing starts spinning, disseminating a proprietary air filtration mist into the atmosphere. The effect is similar to those bulky ionic filters they sell at Sharper Image—it gets rid of bad odors, eliminates allergy-inducing dust particles, and kills of 99.99% of bacteria such as salmonella…but this one’s much smaller and cooler-looking.

Product page (Japanese)

3 thoughts on “New Atmospheric Cleaning Device “Washes” Air

  1. Spin and Mist Your Way to Cleaner Air With the Antibac2k

    Is your air too dirty to merely filter? Then check out the Antibac2k. This little rotating sphere one-ups all of the gigantic air filtration systems in the US by proactively sending out an air filtration mist that rids your room…

  2. Super Air-Washing Ball

    In just a flick of a switch, the antibac2k spins into life and pumps out magical air filtration mist to get rid of bad smells and any remaining toxins from recently used chemical weapons; plus it has LEDs. Kinda like one of those magical balls you fill…

  3. Antibac2K Promises To Purify The Air Around You

    If youve got a sensitive nose or you feel that your surround air is a little more polluted than its suppose to be, check out the Antibac2K.
    The compact, lightweight device might look like a ball shaped alien ship but its really jus…