Naked Girl’s Mouth is a Cigarette Extinguisher


Wow. This bare-breasted, mouth-wide-open, ceramic woman is actually a compact cigarette extinguisher. Awesome, right? Just stick the butt in her mouth when you’re done smoking.

Product page (Japanese)

8 thoughts on “Naked Girl’s Mouth is a Cigarette Extinguisher

  1. Cigarette Extinguisher Has a Big Mouth (NSFW)

    Oh, for crying out loud. What are those kooky Japanese people going to think of next? Inserting a butt into this innocent gal’s mouth? It even sounds wrong. There are so many things here that we don’t approve of, we’ll…

  2. Stick it in her mouth

    Japan has invented a wonderful way of putting out your cigarettes, by sticking them in the ass or mouth of a beautiful girl. No, this isnt weird fetish post, but a genuinely cool cigarette extinguisher. I expect theres a DVD too, but enou…