Mario Mushroom Found in the Wild


Look! Somebody found a Super Mario-like mushroom in the wild. Deep inside, I always knew that Mario World was real…I just needed this piece of evidence to prove it. There is no information revealed on where this mushroom was found, which is unfortunate, because I’d leave my day job in a second to go find Princess Peach.

If anybody has eaten one of these and experienced unusual growth in a matter of seconds, please let me know.

Link (Japanese)

5 thoughts on “Mario Mushroom Found in the Wild

  1. The mushroom sure is cute, but I would not recommend eating one and expect to grow. Those mushrooms (Amanita muscaria) are quite abundant in Scandinavia (where I come from), and the vikings used to eat them to induce their berserker rage, according to legend. If they did not die that is, since the mushroom is highly poisonous.
    So, the bottom line is, you better get your mushrooms on your Nintendo console still.

  2. Yeah, those sweeties are to be found in almost every forest of central and northern europe. But unlike some other mushrooms they arent edible ( Yeah, we DO eat a lot of mushrooms and they are actually delicious ). By not being edible i mean they wont instantly kill you ( probably ) but they ll kick you very high that you ll have some really ugly hallutinations ( as with most of the poisonous mushrooms ). And yeah, if you overdose it is fatal.
    And one funny thing about them – there is a legend ( by there i mean Czech Rep. where i am from ) that squirells pick those mushrooms and dry them in order to get high therefore there is a lot of strange-behaving squirrels in the autumn … but to be honest, i havent seen any strange-behaving squirrel lifelong 😀

  3. The Totally Real Mario Super Mushroom

    Yup. The Super Mushroom is real. Sorta. That’s the Amanita muscaria, commonly called “fly mushroom,” that’s found in Northern Europe and Scandavia. Eating it won’t cause abnormal growth, but hallucinations or even death. With the way some people are,…

  4. Bigger: The Totally Real Mario Super Mushroom

    Yup. The Super Mushroom is real. Sorta. Thats the Amanita muscaria, commonly called fly mushroom