Limited Edition Colorful Toilet Seats


Your toilet seat should match your shower curtains, too. Starting in November, for just two months, furniture and interior design company INAX is selling these awesome toilet lids in 11 different colors. Of course, no Japanese toilet seat is marketable without a bidet system installed, so it is fully capable of shooting warm water up your ass. It even has a fully automated toilet seat that automatically shuts after use so you don’t have to get yelled at for leaving the seat up. Oh! And also, it has a self-cleaning nozzle.

It retails for 156,000 yen, a little under $1,400.

Press release (Japanese, via Impress Watch)

3 thoughts on “Limited Edition Colorful Toilet Seats

  1. I just got back from 2 weeks in Japan on the 23rd. I have to say, those toilet seats are the most awesome thing in the entire world. I would definitely buy one in a heartbeat. Does it have the seat warmer too? That would be a GODSEND on cold winter days, especially where I live here in the Snow Belt. (Western, NY…just south of Buffalo) I must say I do miss the toilets in Japan. Our toilets here now seem so…antiquated.

  2. Inax Bidet Toilet Seats Spray Your Butt in Living Color

    If you want to look into the future, go to Japan, where it’s impossible to market a new toilet seat without a bidet attachment inside (otherwise known as a washlet) that squirts water all over your delicate nether regions. Now…

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