Toilet Stickers Help Men Target Their Pee


Check out this genius invention intended to help men with wandering pee issues target their urinary flow much, much better. These stickers, which can be placed strategically inside any toilet bowl or urinal, change color when peed on. When such a fun target is placed in front of one’s face, he can’t help but to try to hit it head on. The result? No pee stains on the floor and no wet trails on the rim of the toilet seat.

According to the Asahi news, these were recently installed in toilets at the airport in Aichi Prefecture, which has been voted "cleanest airport toilets in the world" two years in a row.

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4 thoughts on “Toilet Stickers Help Men Target Their Pee

  1. In Germany they used top view images of flies for the same purposes. Nowadays you can b y urinals with those images embedded underneath the glazing! Does not seem to help the cleanliness of the toilets though…

  2. I found a UK retailer of the stickers, flies and targets. I have found them to work quite well in our environment which is a school. The boys toilet is certainly cleaner than it used to be so the care-taking staff are much happier.
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