Photo Of Killed Japanese Journalist


Check out this Reuters photo of demonstrators in Burma (Myanmar). Here, security forces shoot at the demonstrators, who are fleeing. The guy lying on the floor is 50-year old video journalist Kenji Nagai. This was taken shortly before he died from the bullet wounds that have him lying on the ground. He was 1 of 9 that died in Yangon that day.


4 thoughts on “Photo Of Killed Japanese Journalist

  1. That photographer was very brave. I’m sad that he died but I admire his courage.
    I remember when I was living in Japan in 1999 when a man with a knife got into the cockpit of an ANA 747 domestic flight and tried to take over the plane. The pilot, who had been stabbed multiple times, held on to the perp so that other crew members could restrain him. The pilot later died.
    These two cases aren’t related except for this; both men were committed to doing their jobs at the potential cost of their lives. I admire such people, and I suspect there are many more people in Japan that never get noticed.

  2. That’s so sad.
    It’s hard to believe it when you see things like this occur around the world.
    I’m curious to see how this thing with the junta will pan out in the end. Hopefully his life won’t be lost in vain.

  3. Oh! I also saw this on the news paper… The soldiers walked over the body of the journalist after he died. They showed a picture of this on the daily news.