Miniscule Toilet Taken With Electron Microscope


Do you really need more proof that Japanese people love toilet jokes? This photograph, taken by nanotechnologist Kaito Takahashi, won the Most Bizzare Award at a conference on electrons, ions, and photo beam technology a couple years ago. He took it using an electron microscope at 15,000x magnification while working at a lab in Shizuoka. And even though it’s actually a photo of an integrated circuit, he decided to call it "Small Toilet."


2 thoughts on “Miniscule Toilet Taken With Electron Microscope

  1. 世界一小さいトイレ

    15,000x倍率で電子顕微鏡で撮影されたSmall Toiletの写真。 これは日本の研究員がたまたま発見した集積回路のようです。 確かにトイレだな。 [via] TOKYOMANGO…