Little Chinese Girl Rocks Out On Xylophone

This little Chinese girl, who makes an appearance here on a Japanese TV show, is really good at playing the xylophone. And she’s having so much fun!

(Thanks, Cherlyn!)

6 thoughts on “Little Chinese Girl Rocks Out On Xylophone

  1. Dude, I’m amazed… yet slightly disturbed by her showmanship. It almost makes me think she’s:
    A) A robot… which, with the help of this website, I’ve learned the Japanese are very good at making.
    B) An old woman’s soul trapped in a child’s body.
    C) A midget playing a very entertaining diddy for us on the Xyla-ma-phone.
    Nonetheless, I had to play it like 4 times to truly let it sink in (and probably give me nightmares).

  2. Yes, her parents have trained their moneymaker well! Just imagine how much they’ll get when they ultimately sell her to a sneaker factory or brothel! Ah, gotta love third-world parenting!