Hairdryer Looks Like A Gun


This is not a gun. This sleek, silver 100V hairdryer turns off and on every time you pull the trigger. Yep, after your next shower, you are to put a gun to your head and pull the trigger. Wild.

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11 thoughts on “Hairdryer Looks Like A Gun

  1. Gun Hairdryer Kills Wet Hair, Self-Respect

    If I were a pretty boy and owned a blowdryer, I’d probably pick up this one, since it looks like a revolver. A froo-froo revolver with a baby blue (or pink) handle and flowery etchings, but hey, a gun’s a…

  2. Trigger happy hairdrying, Western-style

    Sometimes you’re better off dead / There’s a gun in your hand and it’s pointing at your… hair?
    This vintage looking gun hides a …

  3. 手枪还是电吹风?

    上次Jerry买的电吹风还一直放在柜子中没用过,基本上冬天或比较凉的秋天才会用用一下! 秋天就要到了,宝剑到了出鞘的时候喽:) 不过今天推荐的这款电吹风可不是类似厂商里买的那种传统样式的小玩意,有蓝色和粉色两种款式的手枪式电吹风不止款式新颖,售价也不算太高-40美金(相比较),全文可以看到更多使用图示,只是目前仅在日本市场发售,如果国内有DIY产品,我一定抢先买一部去试用。……

  4. Western hair dryer points a gun at your head

    Do you really hate mornings? Do you feel like putting a gun to your head when you get out of the shower and realize that you have yet another…