Paint-by-Sudoku Puzzle Book

OekakiI thought the Sudoku craze might have peaked and subsided by now, but no. I was just combing through Vertical Inc‘s catalog when I saw this book, titled: Oekaki: Paint by Sudoku. It works exactly as it sounds—by solving Sudoku puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty, you end up drawing pictures of things like geisha girls and the Statue of Liberty. Sound like something you or your Sudoku-obsessed mother would want for her birthday? You can buy the book here.

4 thoughts on “Paint-by-Sudoku Puzzle Book

  1. Just by looks of it, that actually looks like a nonogram (aka. Picross puzzle). Look up nonogram on wikipedia. They completely misnamed the book.

  2. Yep, it’s a picross book. Games Magazine used to run two pages of these puzzles every month. It’s a lot more like an artistically-inclined paper cousin of Battleship or Minesweeper than it is like Sudoku, and certainly much more fulfilling when you’ve finished a particularly difficult one. Hopefully, all the puzzle fans who’ve finally gotten tired of Sudoku (that didn’t take so long, did it?) will pick this up in spite of, not because of, the book’s title.