Oxygen Cell Slows Down Canine Aging


This little creature is Ram, a 3-month old french bulldog. And he’s standing inside the world’s first canine oxygen cell—developed by Air Press, a human oxygen therapy salon that claims to slow down aging—that is supposed to help dogs relax. Hahahaha! I can bet you a billion dollars that Ruby will NOT relax in that thing. In fact, don’t you think most dogs would freak the fuck out? 30 minutes in this torture chamber costs 2000 yen, or about $17.


7 thoughts on “Oxygen Cell Slows Down Canine Aging

  1. Beauty salons offer the most ridiculous scientific claims.
    It’s discovered recently that dying cells pumped with excessive oxygen would actually be dead. The medical world is now reconsidering the common practice of using oxygen for reviving trauma patients.
    Besides, freaking the dog out can increase stress hormone which can shorten life.

  2. I cannot tell if she’s looking at the dog fondly, or if she’s all like WTF?! As if she put a different dog in on the other end, and out came this one.
    She looks familiar too, which is craZy in itself.
    Anyways, that dog looks funny with his tongue hanging out a bit. Actually, all dogs look funny with their tongues hanging out.

  3. No matter how much you love your dog, its still a dog

    Picture from KidsCorner.org
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  4. Spa day in a canine hyperbaric oxygen chamber

    Ruby looks nervous. She sits upright on her bunny-like haunches, her fuzzy red ears point straight up in the air; her round black eyes stare straight at mine. The man in the black suit is cranking the dial on the adjacent control panel. 0.3…0.4… t…