A Must-See Documentary About Host Club Workers


The highest paying profession for Japanese men in their early 20s? A host club worker. These charismatic paid womanizers make up to $50K a month if they’re good at what they do, and at least $10K even if they’re not that great. And all they do is sit in bars, talk to women, and make them happy. The Great Happiness Space is a documentary that explores the revenue-generating, highly twisted world of host clubs where love is for sale and sex is taboo. Very interesting—and now, luckily for us, the entire full-length documentary is now available online.

Watch the documentary (in full) (Thanks, Angel!)

6 thoughts on “A Must-See Documentary About Host Club Workers

  1. Man I’ve been trying to see this documentary for a long time. Heard some good stuff about it.
    Those guys are pretty creepy btw, you should go to kabukicho in tokyo, seems like one guy has been cloned into hundreds.
    All the same hairstyle and all the same suits hehe.

  2. This documentary was pretty incredible. It really captured the permiating feeling of loniless that isn’t really showcased when people talk about Japan. When Issei was explaining the characteristics and jobs of his regular customers…wow. Pretty intense stuff.
    Thanks for this, really. It was great, albeit a little depressing, to watch.

  3. Great Happiness Space: doc film on Japan’s “host bars.”

    The Great Happiness Space – Tale of an Osaka Love Thief (2006) is a documentary on the lives of “host club” workers in Japan — sharp-dressed, good-looking 20something guys who are paid to make women feel loved. No, not to perform sex acts, but to fee…

  4. can someone give me a link please? i would be so grateful
    i have been wanting to watch this for ages, but i cant find a link