Three Girls Cross the Sea of Japan in Bathtubs


Sado is a small island in the Sea of Japan. Legend has it that, way back in the day, a Sado woman named Omitsu crossed the sea in a giant wooden tub to get to the mainland, where her lover was working as a fisherman.

Hoping to relive this romantic folktale, three twenty-something year old Sado Island women set sail in wooden tubs on Friday, making the 60km journey successfully overnight.

And in case you were wondering, no, twenty-something year old women in Sado do NOT always dress like this. They just made the trek in traditional garb to get the full experience. These women also have more balls than most humans, even men—all they had with them was a paddle and a straw hat, and only narrowly missed a giant typhoon that was headed their way.


One thought on “Three Girls Cross the Sea of Japan in Bathtubs

  1. That does take some great strength of will! I never would have been able to do it – I have a big fear of the open sea, so I would have been cowering in the bottom of the little boat! That’s a pretty funny little boat, it looks like the one in Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi! I can’t believe they went through with it so close to Man-yi! Crazy ladies.