New Multitasking Hot Plate for Cooking Everything At Once


Okay, this is like 10x cooler than the George Foreman Grill. New from Zojirushi this August, this multitasking hot plate cooks all your veggies and meats at once on its multi-layered grill surfaces. Pretty much all you have to do is plug it in. Craving a yakisoba and steak and takoyaki and grilled veggies and fried rice? You can do it all right here. This is going to retail for about $200. And when you’re not using it, or if you want to take it to a friend’s house or outdoors for a picnic, it neatly folds up into this sturdy little briefcase. (Pic after the jump)


Link (Japanese)

5 thoughts on “New Multitasking Hot Plate for Cooking Everything At Once

  1. Japanese Portable Hot Plate Cooks Everything

    For 10x the price of a George Foreman grill, this $200 grill/hot plate set better cook 10x the amount of stuff. It does. From the horrible Japanese translation, this Zojirushi grill looks like it can roast meat, grill vegetables, make…

  2. too bad it doesnt come with extra plates to share with others.
    It would be funny cooking on the subway train in NYC.
    I’d probably start my own mobile restaurant buisness there LOL

  3. This is sooo neat! >w< I want to make Takoyaki, but I don't wanna buy any uni-tasker appliances. This is just what I NEED! Looks like it can also be used for Mongolian grill, Bulgogi & Okonomiyaki!