Mini Rubix Cube Cell Phone Strap


Not brainy enough for the Rubix Cube? You can still play with colorful squares with this 2×2 toy for your cell phone. The parts shift and click into place just like the real thing, except it’s not as hard, so you don’t have to pull your hair out over it.

Get yours here.

5 thoughts on “Mini Rubix Cube Cell Phone Strap

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    This mini Rubik’s cube from Japan is one of those little phone straps that you attach to your mobile. As well as giving you hours of fun, it will scratch the back of your cell, annoy you when you…

  2. rubiks cube for dummies

    If solving that old 33 Rubiks Cube is too daunting for you, maybe this version will make things a bit easier.
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  3. Rubiks Cube Phone Strap

    The 2×2 Cube Puzzle ($2.6) is a mini version of the Rubiks Cube, intended to hang as a little geek jewelry in you mobile phone. Here youll have only four squares per side, instead of the original 33 setup.
    (Via Tokyomango)