Korean Poop Flash Game


Hahahaha! This game is hilarious. You’re a chubby Asian kid with a finger sticking up in the air. Your goal is to avoid the droppings coming out of the pooping star-spangled panty woman above. Must I say more? I don’t think so.

Play the game (Thanks, Angel!)

6 thoughts on “Korean Poop Flash Game

  1. lol. the characters in the background translate literally to “poop” and “spit” i guess that’s a slang for something.

  2. mimo/ Actually, the word “ddongchim(똥침)” in the background means “poking fingers into someone’s butt”, much like the Japanese game/prank of Kancho. So the the goal of this game is not only to avoid the poop but also to successfully poke the girl’s butt, as much as you can within 80 seconds. You do this by pressing onto the left button of your mouse until it gathers enough energy and releasing it at a desirable(?) time/position. Also, if you eat the blue man, you can level up (which just speeds up the game). Hope this helps!

  3. Hey since every one here seems to love poop i think you guys will love the movie aachi and ssipak. Its all about poop. I no i loved it