Cell Phones Destroying Japanese Brains

You always hear that too much cell phone usage could ruin your brainwaves, but is it really true? According to the Mainichi, more and more people in Japan are suffering from electromagnetic wave hypersensitivity. Here’s an account describing one victim’s ill fate:

Mutsuo Sano found out he’d developed electromagnetic wave hypersensitivity after undergoing an MRI examination back in 1993.

examination went on for 1 hour, 40 minutes and I collapsed as soon as
it finished," Sano tells Sunday Mainichi. "My head and chest were
searing with a pain that felt something like a burn. I couldn’t sleep
for three days afterwards."

Sano received painkillers, which provided some relief, but as soon as
he stopped taking them, the symptoms would return. He sought help from
a dozen hospitals, but was told his pain was all in the mind. Finally,
he was told he had electromagnetic wave hypersensitivity. Ever since,
he’s moved house six times to avoid high-voltage power lines or mobile
phone transmission bases. He can’t use a computer, or mobile phone,
must sit at least 6 meters away from his TV and can’t stand for long in
front of his fridge.

Too many electronics = bad!

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