Gundam-Inspired Upper House Election Poster


The Upper House elections are coming up later this month, which means the election poster boards are up once again and that all the strange characters who emerge during this time are campaigning for everyone’s vote. Since politics in Japan is no longer really about policies, candidates are running to creative campaigning to appeal to voters. And since campaigning rules are super tight here (no buttons or t-shirts or Obama-style YouTube videos), they’re doing it by making regulation-size election posters that stand out. In Tokyo, there’s Dr. Nakamats (again!). In Yamagata, there’s this dude, who is pretending to be Amuro from Gundam.

Actually, this dude isn’t a candidate. He’s just a guy hired by the National Police Dept to encourage people to go to the elections and vote. The poster is a pun on the "Amuro will go!" Gundam tag line originally spoken by actor Toru Furuya. The large letters say: "Elections, will go!"

(via Gizmodo Japan)

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