Vending Machine RED, My Favorite Japanese Robot

Vending Machine RED is my new favorite Japanese celebrity. It’s this robot dressed as a Coca Cola vending machine that walks around town aimlessly to superhero music. Awesome! Here he is! Commentator is saying something along these lines:

Vending Machine RED—a robot that takes the form of a juice vending machine—appeared one day in the middle of town. He’s not a superhero trying to save the world, he just walks around town aimlessly. Go, Vending Machine RED!

Here he is, walking around Shibuya, asking for directions from a cop. What a silly robot.

(Thanks, Osamu!)

5 thoughts on “Vending Machine RED, My Favorite Japanese Robot

  1. Japanese Coke Machine Robot

    I love these Japanese Vending Machine Red! commercials for Coca-cola featuring a mecha vending machine who wanders around town, scares off kids, looks for loose change and draws the attention of police. (via Cartoon Brew)
    Update: A rough…

  2. Vending Machine Red-O!
    It’s like I’m a kid again watching Goldar and Ultraman, but this time our superhero shoots out refreshment from his uhhh…dispenser?
    To be continued?
    Perhaps the next episode will show more humdrum life, like walking his dog, or smoking cigarettes while playing pachinko, taking out the trash, with metal and plastic seperate of course.