Ticking Bomb Piggy Bank Explodes If You Don’t Feed It


Don’t worry, this is not a real bomb. But it does explode. This new piggy bank (from the same company that brought us the Little Man in a LCD Screen piggy bank last fall) keeps tabs on how regularly you put money in it—if you ditch your saving duties for too long, it "explodes" and disperses your hard-earned cash all over the place.

This was introduced at the Int’l Tokyo Toy Show this weekend, and comes out in October.


One thought on “Ticking Bomb Piggy Bank Explodes If You Don’t Feed It

  1. Exploding Bomb Piggy Bank

    Is your piggy bank collecting dust behind your comic book collection? That will no longer be a problem for you with this bad boy–it explodes if you don’t put money in it regularly. Ticking Bomb Piggy Bank Explodes If…

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