Pooper Troopers (Or K.A.D.D.—Kids Against Dog Droppings)


This is not just a cartoon drawing of any dog’s butt. This dog butt is the icon for Wakabadai’s Pooper Troopers—a team of a dozen students and teachers intent on ridding the streets of dog poop that hasn’t been picked up. To do this, the team goes out on poop-flagging missions, flagging suspect brown piles and documenting its location and status on their notepads. Then they get together in a meeting room to discuss the problem at greater length.

Their goals are threefold (according to their web site, which has photos of this process, too):

1.  To make Wakabadai beautiful and poop-free.
2.  To draft a Declaration of Doggie Poop.
3.  To complete the mission within three years and to disband Pooper Troopers by 2010.

I’m dead serious! This is what it says on the site! More pics of poop with GW Bush’s face flagged on it after the jump.




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