Poop Vending Machine


Did I ever tell you how much Japanese people like poop? Well, we love it. So much so that there are Gachapon machines that sell miniature versions of poop. And we clean toilets for good luck, and we have poop cell phone straps, and we hit our heads with poop on sticks.

As I found out this past weekend after watching the cyberpunk adventure anime Aatchi and Ssipak, the Koreans have a completely different take on poop. Poop and juicybars!

(Thanks, Alyssa!)

4 thoughts on “Poop Vending Machine

  1. In Shinjuku about a month ago, I spent 100 yen in a gacha-gacha machine for a tiny plastic toilet which flings bright pink poop at whomever opens the lid. Luckily, the recipient found it as delightful as I did!

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