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More Super-Realistic Robotic Animals From Sega Toys

June 30, 2007


Big news for robotic animal fanatics! Remember those robotic chickens that everyone went gaga over? This summer and fall, Sega Toys is adding three new species to its Dream Pet series: a cat (modeled after a full-grown American Short Hair), an owl that looks like Hedwig from Harry Potter, a parrot, and a kitten.

The Dream Pet series is designed with the allergy-ridden consumer in mind. Each animal is carefully studied before being roboticized, so the resulting product looks and acts eerily similar to the real thing.

I wonder why robotic pets are so damn popular in Japan. Remember when Furby’s were all the rage? Personally, I’d love to have a robotic cat just so I can make it go head to head with Ruby to see who’s stronger.