Tokyomango Site Design Contest

It’s been six months since I started Tokyomango, and I’m still using this sucky Typepad template. So I decided to have a design-my-site contest!

I’m looking for amateur or professional web designers who have grand ideas about what Tokyomango could be, but isn’t. Here’s how the contest will work:

1. Email me your entries in PSD or JPG format.The layout has to accommodate all the stuff on the current site, and be compatible with 1024×768 browser resolution. Also include a note about your coding skillz please–as in, whether you are able to theme your design yourself or if you need someone else to code it.
2. In the next few weeks, I’ll post some of the top candidates here for you guys to look at and vote on. Of course, my votes counts the most, because it’s my site! But I want to hear what you all think, too.
3. The winning design will replace this shitty Typepad template as the face of

Prizes!! All legitimate entries will get a mini-prize, the top 3 will get fun gadgets from the Mango stash, and the winner will get the mother of all prizes and street cred for designing an up-and-coming blog with over 180,000 unique visitors per month, plus a blog entry dedicated to whatever you want–whether it’s your awesome design skillz or your favorite anime character.

Let all your web designer friends know about this, too, please. Thanks!

Deadline: End of the month. i.e. by May 30 07.

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